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iRIS – Integrated Radiology and Immunopathology Services

As a leading provider for advanced diagnostic and interventional radiology and pathology services, iRIS Team are challenging the status quo by educating people on the importance of radiology and Pathology  in recognizing it as a critical first step in the accurate diagnosis for proper treatment.

Our Mission

With the motto “Innovation, Compassion and Trust” our only mission is to make the patients medical journey faster, transparent and accurate with NABL standards and highest ethical norms.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide timely, accurate, and affordable diagnostic services to our customers. We are continually overdelivering on our customer’s expectations by using technological advancements and better treatment outcomes by our highly trained technical team.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics is ‘Healthy Life for Everyone.’ 

iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics is about bringing a simple but significant change in how you live by being proactive about your health, including your diagnostic tests, which can help in every crucial step of disease management – screening, detecting, and monitoring diseases. 

Our focus is on providing high-quality and reliable diagnostic findings in the least time possible for superior clinical outcomes. We aid physicians by helping them prescribe the right treatment plan for you with effective results. 

We adhere to the strictest quality and ethical norms in our diagnostic services for consistent quality and safety. We offer our patients complete access to their medical diagnostic records on our website within 24 hours of the screening test. We regularly upgrade to the latest technological advancements and educate our patients with the latest developments in the field of medical diagnostics. 

We believe in the power of health awareness, education, and diagnosis to build healthy communities, one individual at a time.

Our Story

iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics is born from our passion for driving a revolution that inspires and supports you in taking ownership of your health and fitness. 

In 2021, we started iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics as an ambitious goal to create a healthcare ecosystem comprising and benefitting our patients and community. 

Today, iRIS (Integrated Radiology and Immunopathology Services) is Vijayawada’s leading, innovative, state-of-the-art diagnostic center with 5500 sq ft facility space. iRIS Imaging and Diagnostics is well-equipped with modern, sophisticated instruments and devices of highest technical standards and managed by our top skilled radiologists and pathologists.

Our expert team has established trust with the physicians and patients by providing reliable, affordable, and timely diagnostic services. We offer a bouquet of services such as:

  • Siemen’s 64 – Slice CT
  • Digital X-ray
  • Ultrasonography
  • Covid – 19 testing
  • Advanced Biochemistry
  • Routine Biochemistry 
  • Haematology
  • Pathology 
  • Echocardiogram 
  • 2D echo 
  • Fetal abnormalities cardiography

Some of our services like the Emergency CT scan and X-ray are available 24*7. We have a completely barcoded, fully automated sample processing system with excellent home collection facilities for free of cost.

In a short span of time, we have built a reputation of being a high-quality radiology and pathology services provider with an accurate, error-proof, and speedy service by our courteous, friendly, and trained personnel. 

We put you, our dear customer, at the heart of everything we do at iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics every day. 

We make healthcare easily accessible and affordable for you.

Choose iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics for the wellness you need in a style you ‘ll love.

Our Founder’s Team

Our team is built with the same love, care, and precision we put into growing our center. 

You can always reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team members. They are passionate about supporting you in your healthy living journey. 

When you meet our team, they will guide you in the right direction and improve your understanding of the importance of medical diagnostics for better health. 

Our team members inspire, educate and empower you to live healthier lives.

Radiology Doctor in Poranki | Dr. Kiran Gottumukkala

Dr.Kiran Gottumukkala, MD RD


Is Our Founder, Managing Partner, and also our Chief Consultant Radiologist with more than 10 years of clinical experience in all aspects of radiology.

He is an MBBS graduate from MNR Medical College and Hospital and obtained his MD degree from Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu.

Expertise in operating equipment and interpreting results when using advanced machinery like MRI, CT, USG Devices & X-Ray Machines.

DR. Sravani Vallabhaneni, MD


Is Our Founder, Managing Partner, and our Chief Consultant Pathologist with more than 5 years of clinical experience in various fields of pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular level diagnostic services.

She is an MBBS Graduate from UTKAL University, Orissa and obtained her MD Pathology from Deccan Medical College, Hyderabad. Since then she worked as a fellow in KIMS Hyderabad, assistant professor in Dr. PSIMS & RF, and consultant at various hospitals across Vijayawada for diagnostic based therapeutic discussions.

Dr. Sravani Vallabhaneni
Dr . V S R Bhupal

DR.V.S.R.Bhupal, MD DM


He is our founder partner and one of the Best Cardiologists with more than 8 yrs of clinical experience in his expertise, He is an alumnus of NIMS, Hyderabad, and Associate Professor of Cardiology at Dr. PSIMS & RF. He is an expert in complex Coronary, Peripheral & Structural Heart interventions, performed 5000 coronary and peripheral angioplasties and complex coronary interventions.

DR.T.Stalin Chowdary,


He is our founder partner and the most echoed name in Orthopedic Care performed over 1800 arthroplasties including complex hips, external and internal fixations of various fractures, various spine and knee arthroscopy procedures.

He obtained his MBBS Graduate from MNR medical college and hospital, Hyderabad and Diploma in orthopedics from Dr. PIMS & RF, DNB fellowship in arthroplasty from Balaji institute of surgery and research, Tirupati ( 2017-2018).

Dr. Stalin Chowdary T

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