At iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics, Our expert team of Radiologists use the Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System, a technologically advanced instrument engineered for efficiency and reliability in diagnostic outcomes with its outstanding image quality, walk-up usability, and broad applicability to give you a pinpoint diagnosis about your health condition.


What Is An Ultrasound And Why Do You Need It?

Ultrasound is a simple, quick, safe, and painless exam and usually the first diagnostic imaging step for the gallbladder, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen and various other organs.

It is also used to
Monitor a developing fetus
Image the breasts
Diagnose heart conditions
Guided biopsies
Fine needle aspiration cytology

Why Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System?

Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System offers radiologists a powerful combination of performance and workflow advances to enhance overall diagnostic confidence. For example, our Sonography and Fetal echoes are one stop diagnostic excellence in the city.

We particularly recommend our Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System for women’s health, cardiology, vascular, abdomen pain and follicular study in infertility and identifying mass for oncologists to understand it’s margins and extent .

At iRIS Imaging & Diagnostics, we offer the following Ultrasound services using high-frequency sound waves and zero radiation.

How Does Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System Work? 

We use a small, single crystal Pure Wave transducer (probe) and put an ultrasound gel on the patient’s skin. High-frequency sound waves are sent from the probe through the gel into the body. The probe collects sounds that bounce back and a computer uses them to create images. 

Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System provides high image quality for its price level. The world-class image quality combines with advanced clinical technologies and functionality, including QLAB onboard quantification set, Shear Wave elastography, contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), and Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS).

Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy

An ultrasound-guided biopsy is a minimally-invasive procedure used to target and remove certain cells from any abnormality like a lump in the body for biopsy. The sample is then sent to pathology for the final testing and diagnosis if the lump is cancerous or benign

Liver Elastography

We use this ultrasound technique for the detection and staging of liver diseases. It captures the liver’s movements and checks its stiffness or elasticity. A stiff liver indicates diseases, and they tend to move more than healthy livers. With early detection and timely treatment, the progression of liver disease can be slowed and even reversed.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening

Our AAA Screening measures the largest diameter of the abdominal aorta to check for any abnormal widening and bulging. The walls of the abdominal aorta, which carries blood to the abdominal and pelvic organs and legs, can become weak over time and form a balloon-like aneurysm. Early detection and treatment can reduce the risk of an aortic rupture.

Carotid Intima Media Thickness (C-IMT Screening)

We use the C-IMT Screening, which measures the thickness of the carotid artery wall, for the early detection of risk for heart attack or stroke. The carotid artery carries and supplies blood from your heart to the brain. The thickness or inflammation of the carotid artery wall is an early indicator of narrowing, and hence, heart disease.

Carotid Artery Screening

Our Carotid Artery Screening detects the buildup of plaque in the carotid arteries, the two large blood vessels in your neck that supply blood to your brain. Plaque buildup can narrow the arteries, thus restricting blood flow and increasing your risk of a stroke.

Sono Mammogram 

It is a painless, inexpensive way of evaluating breast masses which helps to identify a suspicious mass is a cyst ( fluid filled sac ) without even placing a needle into it to aspirate fluid.

Other different types of scans include 

Abdominal ultrasound
Pelvic ultrasound imaging
Trans abdominal ultrasound
Trans vaginal ultrasound
Trans rectal ultrasound
Obstetric ultrasound imaging like TIFFA and NT scan
Carotid and abdominal aorta ultrasound imaging
Thyroid and neck ultrasound
Kidney, urinary bladder ultrasound
Advanced baby ultrasounds
Fetal echocardiogram
Follicular studies
Gynecological ultrasounds